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Martin seems to exert no influence at all - 'I leave all that to Jayne,' he says. 'She wanted to get her belly button pierced and I said no,' she says. Sasha clearly has her belly button pierced, and is happy to display the evidence in her photo shoots.

It is commonly used to refer to what happens in practice, in contrast with de jure ("in law"), which refers to things that happen according to law.

She chatters away about Sasha's media 'career', believing her daughter is a celebrity, and is proud to have been instrumental in making that happen. Going to the States was just the next stage in all of this, and it's been worthwhile.

If people have a problem with it, I'd say it is 'Besides, as I keep saying, this is what Sasha wants.' And what Sasha wants, Sasha clearly gets. Ask Sasha how she sees herself and she replies: 'Blonde, pretty, dumb - I don't need brains.' Her mum laughs her head off at this, proud that the child is so like her.

Last Christmas, Jayne and her husband, Martin, a builder who works all over the UK and is barely at home, spent £26,000 on Sasha's presents, which included a swimming pool.

'We've been told she could have a really good future in American pageants, but anything is possible - film, adverts, mainstream modelling.

I want Sasha to have all the options.' In the forthcoming documentary, Jayne takes Sasha to a major agency, in the hope that she will be signed up.

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Under de jure segregation, the law provided entirely separate schools for black and white students, which they legally had to attend, despite in many cases actually living closer to a school designated for the other race.

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